How to be a VIP Favorite Client

It’s easier said than done but becoming a VIP favorite client is no joke. You need to learn and master the art of conducting yourself professionally. Nevertheless, you can easily become a VIP favorite client by simply knowing what to do and what not to do with your tantric masseuse. Below are tips on how to.

Be on time and if you will be late, inform her in advance

If you have agreed on time, make sure you adhere to the agreement. If you agreed on a 1 hour 30 mins date and it was supposed to start at 6 and you get there at 6:15, she will still leave at 7:30. If the session has ended, don’t overstay because it’s annoying and unwieldy. If you need extra time, ask and if she agrees, know that you will have to pay as per the rates discussed.

Tip Her

No masseuse will mind if you tip her with $ 30, $50 or more. Offering a tip lets the escort know that you liked and enjoyed the time you were together. Besides; she consents that you appreciate her time and effort. Tipping is more important if you expect to see the girl again.

Understand what is on the menu and don’t alter it

Perhaps this sounds strange to newbies but yes, you have to learn about the codes used by escorts. Terms like PSE, GFE, CIM are common and you have to understand what each stands for. If you got no idea, do a Google search and familiarize with them.

It’s money first

If you have to mention it, then call it a gift or something like that.  Moreover, don’t be too naïve and issue the money to her directly. Place it somewhere but the place should be easily accessible. For instance, you can place it by the sink in the bathroom or wherever she told you to place.

Apart from these, be respectful and treat her like a lady. She is just a human being like you and it’s not sensible for you to mistreat or intimidate her. On the other, you should not feel senior. You can also her if she would like to be reviewed. If she agrees, keep it straightforward. If you remark something that she didn’t do, other clients may expect the same service of which she didn’t provide. So don’t fabricate.

Last but not least, if you could bring with you a wine as a gift would be very much appreciated by your masseuse. Is there anything thrilling like relaxing enjoying each other company with a glass of wine? Next time, you should try it.

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Do you have a favorite lady whom you meet regularly? Share with us the secret to why you still meet until now.

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