Things you Should not ask a VIP Escort

There is a number or reason why successful men and women look for London escorts. Many of us know escorts are people whom we contract to spend time with but as per your agreements. Even so, enjoying each other company, respect and maturity are to be observed. It doesn’t mean since you are spending your cash, you can do what you want. At this point, if you are with an escort, don’t ask the following questions. They will ruin everything.

What is the cost of your services

It will sound amateurish of you to ask a VIP escort about her rates. An escort invests her time to detail her rates and everything you need to know. This helps you to know if they are within your price range. In other words, take time and scrutinize the escort profile before making contact. If you dare ask this question, you’d have started your encounter on a wrong foot.

Will I be given a Discount

Whether you are good looking or well-endowed does not permit you to ask for a discount. As a matter of fact, requesting for a discount is one of the irritating things you can a VIP escort. The rates listed on escorts profile are fixed. If the price is too high, look for an escort who falls within your price range. Also, make sure you are comfortable with the services the escort has listed on her profile.

What are your Names

The question sounds like any other normal query right? But believe me, you going to be added to the escort blacklist by asking this question. Asking this question implies two things, either you are an amateur or you don’t care about your escort boundaries. In the escort scene, escorts do not go by their real names instead; they operate under different work name or alias name.

Does your family know you do this

Even if I were the one being asked this question, I will glow my face. What an escort does is her business and has nothing to do with their families. Escorts are there to share time and enjoy with you. And just like they will not ask personal questions, there is nothing to dialogue between their families and you.

Do you have a boyfriend

Keep your lips tight on this subject. Some escorts do have partners while others don’t. Unless the escort herself brings up the theme, don’t dare to ask. Some will be willing to share while other will want to keep it secret.

How many clients do you see in a day

If you meet escorts count it a privilege. And just like that, leave everything at that point. Seeking to know the number of clients your escorts meet is not a question you should ask.

If you are an amateur, you have no experience in escort’s field. Even so, if your lips remain tight on the above questions, you will look professional and you will get the respect you deserve. Above all, you will make your escort happy and you will enjoy the returns too.

How to Find a London VIP Escorts

In this 21st century getting an escort is pretty easier compared to several years back. With the help of the internet, you can find all kinds of escorts online that have specialized the way you like. Even so, it’s a precarious and parlous business to find a good escort. You need to have a keen intellect of the period you will stay will her, understand the escort dialect and where you will keep your money.

Fortunately, nowadays it’s painless to find the best London VIP escorts for any rate you are inclined to remunerate. Below are tips to help you find the VIP escort.

Fish around for a reliable escort directory site

A respected escort directory site will have ads posted monthly for you to scrutinize. It’s easier to tell a good site and a shoddy site. A good site has ads posted on it monthly instead of daily. A site that as ads posted daily is cheap and always attracts low-class escorts.

Seek for an independent escort or escort agency

An agency can help you find an escort that matches your taste and preference. Still, with an agency, expect a certain level of uniformity. If you find an agency that you like, the booker will easily make a proposal according to your taste. The drawback with agencies is that you will pay more agencies which are converted into the price.

Limit your hunt to the type of escort you looking for

There are categories that will list either VIP, blond, brunette, mature etc. Still, you can go further and classify by age, physical feature, height, weight and so forth. In addition, this is the time you have to make up your mind if you are willing to meet up, date or a one night stand.

Determine your budget

As a matter of fact, you get what you pay for. So if you are planning to spend $300 perhaps you should save some more. Once you find that VIP escort you like, peruse her profile and check her price. If she is beyond your budget, close her profile and move to the next. Furthermore, never bargain a price with an escort. In most cases, if the price is not listed, no doubt, she is pricey.

On the other hand, if you like the escort and she is within your price range, ensure there are no extra charges.

The Photo Should be of the real person

You will not want to meet a different person from that you saw on the picture. Am escort who use a fake photo will not tell you that the photos are not hers. However, a good looking escort will blur their face pic if the pic is real for privacy reasons. In addition, to prove the legality of the photo, read the reviews of other clients to know if the pic is hers on not. Alternatively, you can use photo searching service and check if the picture is stolen from an adult site or from an expert photo shoot. For real photos of real women, visit Babes of London gallery to find the bestt London VIP Escort:

At this point, I believe with these tips, you should be able to find the best London VIP escort.

How to be a VIP Favorite Client

It’s easier said than done but becoming a VIP favorite client is no joke. You need to learn and master the art of conducting yourself professionally. Nevertheless, you can easily become a VIP favorite client by simply knowing what to do and what not to do with your tantric masseuse. Below are tips on how to.

Be on time and if you will be late, inform her in advance

If you have agreed on time, make sure you adhere to the agreement. If you agreed on a 1 hour 30 mins date and it was supposed to start at 6 and you get there at 6:15, she will still leave at 7:30. If the session has ended, don’t overstay because it’s annoying and unwieldy. If you need extra time, ask and if she agrees, know that you will have to pay as per the rates discussed.

Tip Her

No masseuse will mind if you tip her with $ 30, $50 or more. Offering a tip lets the escort know that you liked and enjoyed the time you were together. Besides; she consents that you appreciate her time and effort. Tipping is more important if you expect to see the girl again.

Understand what is on the menu and don’t alter it

Perhaps this sounds strange to newbies but yes, you have to learn about the codes used by escorts. Terms like PSE, GFE, CIM are common and you have to understand what each stands for. If you got no idea, do a Google search and familiarize with them.

It’s money first

If you have to mention it, then call it a gift or something like that.  Moreover, don’t be too naïve and issue the money to her directly. Place it somewhere but the place should be easily accessible. For instance, you can place it by the sink in the bathroom or wherever she told you to place.

Apart from these, be respectful and treat her like a lady. She is just a human being like you and it’s not sensible for you to mistreat or intimidate her. On the other, you should not feel senior. You can also her if she would like to be reviewed. If she agrees, keep it straightforward. If you remark something that she didn’t do, other clients may expect the same service of which she didn’t provide. So don’t fabricate.

Last but not least, if you could bring with you a wine as a gift would be very much appreciated by your masseuse. Is there anything thrilling like relaxing enjoying each other company with a glass of wine? Next time, you should try it.

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